Household Electric Fly Trap

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  • Long-lasting Battery: This electric fly trap boasts a long-lasting battery life, allowing it to operate for up to 72 hours on a full USB charge. This feature ensures convenience and energy efficiency, making it a reliable tool for extended use.
  • Green Fly Trapping Method: The electric fly trap utilizes a rotating plate to capture flies without the need for harmful baits or chemicals. This eco-friendly and hygienic approach makes it safe for both your family and pets. Additionally, it avoids the production of unpleasant odors often associated with traditional fly traps.
  • Wide Range Coverage: With a coverage area of 120 square meters and a large 16cm body, this electric fly catcher effectively removes flies from a significant space. Its powerful design ensures that more flies are attracted and trapped, providing a comprehensive solution to fly-related problems.
  • Rotary Design: The electric fly trap employs a bait and rotary design to attract and capture flies. The rotating mechanism, combined with an anti-escape net, ensures that once a fly is caught, it cannot escape. This design enhances the overall efficiency of the fly trap.
  • Silent Cleaning: Equipped with a high-quality motor, the electric fly trap operates silently, avoiding disturbances to your rest or work. The internal structure is detachable and washable, making it easy to clean and maintain for long-term use.
Household Electric Fly Trap

Household Electric Fly Trap

Customer Reviews

Based on 17 reviews
Brett Harrison

It's compact and doesn't take up much space, which I appreciate.

Rowan Baxter

This electric fly trap is incredibly effective, no more annoying flies buzzing around.

Danni Foster

Really impressed with how quietly it operates, barely notice it's on.

Ryan Thompson

The cleaning process is so simple and mess-free.

Will Dean

The battery life is impressive, lasts a long time between charges.

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